Мастер-класс Султановой А.С. для учителей английского языка на тему: «Живой язык — живая речь» (МБОУ «Гимназия №3 им. Рагимовой В.К.» г. Дербент)

Мастер-класс разработан для учителей английского языка

 Оборудование: видеопроектор,  оформленная классная доска (речевыми клише), карточки с заданиями.

Цели мастер-класса:

  1. познакомить учителей иностранного языка (молодых специалистов) с методическими приемами и упражнениями, направленными на развитие разговорной речи учащихся в русле современных инновационных технологий обучения иностранному языку;
  2. определить факторы, которые влияют на эффективность обучения учащихся разговорной  речи на иностранном языке.

Планируемый результат:

Изменение формы и методов проведения урока, как следствие повышение интереса у учащихся к предмету, повышение уровня владения иностранным языком у учащихся.

— Nowadays, knowledge of at least one foreign language is a must. But knowing a foreign language  does not mean to know the rules of grammar, reading, or writing. Language is necessary in order to communicate it in the way you speak  your  mother tongue. So today we are going to speak about some methods which will help us to develop communicative abilities of our students.

-The goal of every   teacher is a 100% English of course.  Very often it seems unrealistic for us. But why is it so difficult to make the  students  speak English?

-The greatest problems  are students’ shyness,  little vocabulary and  lack of English language around them. One of the problems is that while speaking students always try to translate from their native language. Instead , they must try  to think  in English. We will solve these problems if we will follow some tips.

Tip 1:  (and the most important one).  A teacher must speak English all the time .

Tip 2: Arrange the classroom so that students are sitting in rows facing each other.

-The advantage of such sitting is that  direct eye contact  improves communication in English and  it is a very easy  way to change partners.

Tip  3: Give the students confidence, when they are speaking. Don’t interrupt them to correct their grammar mistakes. As  when it comes to speaking confidence is the key.

Tip 4: We must choose topics for speaking, interesting for students. For example , if we need to speak about famous people, take Steve Djobs instead of Agatha Christie . Be sure that they will speak about him with pleasure. Now let me know your opinion. What topics are interesting for students ?

(Коллеги обсуждают темы)

-I have questioned my students on the topic what they would like to speak about. And the opinion poll showed that the most interesting topics are:

  1. Computers and telephones (33%)
  2. Films and famous actors (24%)
  3. Modern music (21%)
  4. Sport (19%)
  5. Tourist countries (3%)

— And now let me show you  what exercises  I use to make my students speak at the lesson. I’ll use music topic, as it is one of the most popular topics.

-Very often I combine speaking and listening  items. I will give you some papers. There are the words of a famous English song. But there are some missing words . You are to listen to the song and to fill in the blanks.

There comes a time when we ____________________________
When the world must come together as one

There are _____________________________
And it’s time to lend a hand to life
There greatest gift of all

We can’t go on pretending _________________________
That someone somewhere will soon make a change

We are all a part of God’s great big ______________
And the truth, you know,________________________ we need

— Did you like this song?

-Now tell me please , what is this song about?

-What do the singers call on?

— In your opinion what must people do to make the world happier and brighter?

— What do you do to make the world better?

-Of course , children like such tasks very much and do them with pleasure.

As a result they try to speak and express their opinion.

-I think that you’ll agree that  no less interesting tasks are tasks connected with pictures.

One of the examples of such exercise is making a story leaning on a set of pictures. You can see some pictures. But they are mixed. First you are to restore the order of pictures.

  • Can you tell me who is the girl on the photos?
  • Of course, when I prepare my students for speaking about a certain topic, I always teach them to make a plan. So let’s make the plan together.
  • Thank you very much. It’s great. Now let’s make up a story.

— I think you’ll agree with me , that speaking is very important today, as it’s included into Unified State Examination. And we must help our pupils to get ready for speaking section. And one of the tasks of examination is working with pictures. Look at the board , please. You can see two pictures. You are to find the differences and the similarities there.

-So what differs one picture from another?

-What is similar there?

-Telling about speaking section I want to say that a pupil must be able not only  to lead a monological speech, but also ask some questions.

And  maybe the easiest task in speaking section of the Unified State Exam is making questions to some expressions.

— Concert hall location

— Ticket price

— Concert time

— Singer

  • Now try to do it,

If we have a certain topic on our lesson , of course we must make a conclusion of a lesson. We were speaking about music today, and I’d like you to tell the pros and cons , or advantages and disadvantages, of classical music. Some expressions on the desk will help. Of course, working with students, first we discuss the meanings of the expressions. But I’m sure that you don’t need it.

                                                          Classical music
                    For                    Against
1.      Classical music gives the listeners a keen sensual delight and pleasure.

2.       … has a deep intellectual appeal.

3.      … has a strong ethical effect: it ennobles the listener, makes him better and more humane.

4.      … condemns evil and supports the ideas of good.

5.      … creates a special spiritual world for the listener which immensely enriches his inner life and makes him happy.


1.      Classical music is a complicated art: it’s difficult to find one’s way into it.

2.      It’s an exclusive art: most people don’t like or understand it. It’s not a popular art.

3.      The very length of most classical music pieces can send any listener to sleep.

4.      People want the kind of music to which they can dance or just talk to their friends. It should be simple, cheerful and up – to – date.

In conclusion, I want to say “Tell me and I’ll forget it, show me and I’ll remember it, let me act myself and I’ll understand it”. So let ‘s help  our students act themselves and achieve great  results in English. Thank you for your attention!

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