Record of Sword Demon in Other Realms

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Then she elegantly raised her right hand like a relative and looked at the Ming King in her hand. Her eyes showed a feeling of spoiling, as if the sword in her hand was not a weapon but a living thing. Then she asked for defeat to Dugu: «And isn’t the sword in your hand the same, sir?» After saying that, her shining eyes looked at the sword in Dugu Qiubei’s hand. It seems to be completely different from the Ming King in his own hands. It seems that the two are exactly the same, which is a very contradictory feeling, but miraculously appeared in Jun Luoyan’s mind at the same time. How interesting! It’s changed, like.. Children will grow up, maybe one day they will fly away, not necessarily. …” Dugu Qiubei felt the mutual help in his hands. The lonely little sword, who was very attached to herself, smiled and then, without waiting for her to give any answer, suddenly said with a straight face: «Well, we’re not here to catch up. You use your sword!» After saying that,Carrara Marble Slab, without waiting for Jun Luoyan to have any reaction, Dugu Qiubei, who was standing with a sword, suddenly changed and his clothes were flying in an instant. A kind of momentum of who can give up me in the world spread infinitely. …… «Good!» It is not surprising that Dugu Qiubei suddenly changed. Jun Luoyan didn’t even frown. The’Ming Wang ‘sword in his hand turned over lightly. Then with a faint shadow of the wind instantly toward Dugu Qiubei straight stab, but that degree is not in a hurry,white marble slabs, the move is not gorgeous, it seems that even an ordinary warrior can easily block or avoid. However, the body by Jun Luo smoke attack center of Dugu Qiubei will never think so, because like them this level of the master of the war. Degrees don’t seem to matter anymore because they all have near-perfect degrees and all they need is a sword! Because the sword has become an instinct in their lives. So Dugu Qiubei also drew his sword. Keng! There is no doubt that a visible sword and an invisible sword seem to attract each other and touch each other in the air at the same time. Then there was a sharp hissing sound, and the air spread like ripples out of the arena. Although it does not have the slightest inner strength and energy. However, the fierce momentum still made the usually pretentious warriors under the competition platform fall one after another, and even the masters in the tent had to draw out their inner strength to protect themselves in order to block the downward trend of their bodies. Only the three great masters of Shuduanshui plus Muyunshan and others could not be completely affected by this ripple. Up to now, people finally understand the gap between themselves and the top warrior, and it is amazing that the air vibration produced by the two swords can produce such an effect without any inner strength. …… Only after the first sword hit each other slowly, Dugu Qiubei and Jun Luoyan finally changed the wind of the sword and let everyone know what is called stormy swordsmanship! Extremely slow instant into extremely fast, Agate Slabs Countertops ,grey marble slab, completely unable to see the degree of Dugu Qiubei and Junluoyan, and even no one can tell where they are, only the boundless sword shadow is showing people that there are two top warriors in a fierce competition on the competition platform. And as the degree of two people continue to rise to the end, even the shadow of the sword all over the sky is also showing a hazy up, of course, which is also constantly mixed with numerous series of gold and iron, and faintly with the sound of wind and thunder! Fortunately, however, this time, Jun Luoyan and Dugu Qiubei had completely controlled their swords. Every time the two swords hit each other, the ripples in the air would suddenly return at the moment they just spread out, and then they would continue to rotate and shake on the whole competition platform. As the battle between the two men became more and more intense, and finally all the ripples gathered together, it seemed that a fierce and huge tornado was blowing on the competition platform, but it still could not stop the countless fierce swords and two figures that appeared and disappeared on the competition platform but were illusory, hazy and ubiquitous. Beyond the edge of the tournament, there seemed to be a strong protective layer that blocked all possible forces. It is this layer of energy that allows the people outside the arena to watch excitedly in a thrilling and exciting situation, but they can’t see the contest clearly on the arena at all. Only the people in the evening cloud are watching the battle on the arena, but their faces are getting darker and darker. Maybe this Jianghu is not what it was many years ago. Perhaps the Jianghu has changed from the moment when the sword emperor Ye Yi broke the myth of «Evening Cloud Mountain» and «Moon in the Sea». …… «All right, sir, let’s stop here!» Even the sound of countless swords could not stop the sound of Junluo smoke from spreading from the curtain of swords to the ears of Dugu Qiubei. OK Dugu Qiubei responded with a sound, and then the small Dugu sword in his hand, which was transformed into thousands of swords, instantly congealed into a line. And the violent tornado storm suddenly seemed to have lost its own eye, but lacked any support. It turned out to be a complete and clean disappearance on the competition platform in an instant, leaving no trace. But at this time that Jun Luo smoke is also already stopped the body shape leisurely to stand on the opposite side of Dugu Qiubei. Everything seems to be the same as before the war. Is that all? In the eyes of the crowd, they all looked at the two people on the stage with regret. In the process of the contest, they can say that they did not see clearly who won and who lost, and everything was still unknown. But it’s really over. How can it not be regrettable? …… «How is it?»? Have you finished warming up? Fierce battle stops Jun Luoyan to seek defeat to Dugu with a big smile, although after all that tossing and turning just now, but her body does not have half a minute of fierce after the appearance of elegant as the evening. Actually, I don’t think it’s necessary at all. Dugu Qiubei said lightly. He held Dugu Xiaojian behind his back with one hand,Marble Projects, but there was no look on his face. Cluck.. Maybe 。 But we always have to do this to be fun! Isn’t it? Jun Luoyan smiled and then looked at the people under the stage with mischievous smiles on their faces. Uh.. Dugu Qiubei seemed to have no idea that a fairy like Jun Luoyan would have such a humane expression. He just hesitated for a long time and then said: All right, then. Even after warming up, now I want to see how far you can learn that sword! 。