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This battle has entered a white-hot stage! The twin flowers moved in their hearts and looked at each other, wanting to go up and help at this time. Tang Xiulin seemed to see through their thoughts and stopped them in front of them, saying, «He wants to slay each other only by himself.» «Are you so confident that he can kill Bu Qingyun?» Said one of the women, whose face was covered with gauze. Tang Xiulin just smiled and said nothing, which made the twins think that she was absolutely confident about Xia Li, but how could they know that no matter who died, Tang Xiulin wanted to see it! It’s better to die together! This is Tang Xiulin’s best wish at this time. Boom! Once again, the fight started with a loud noise, only to see the two men paddling their weapons with both hands, constantly colliding in the air. This is not a fight between two men, but a duel between their weapons. Xia Lizhong has great confidence, just because his gun is a venerable weapon! As everyone knows, Bu Qingyun’s weapon is also respected, and it is a gift from the system! Presented by the system, the same realm is invincible! This has been confirmed before, after a few rounds, the light of the pike is obviously much dimmer, and even the head of the pike has been damaged. But the magic cloud sword is intact, this battle of weapons, Buqingyun win! Xia Li’s face was pale and angry, but what could he do? He can only endure, silently endure this kind of suffocation. Nope! I can’t stand it! Suddenly, he shouted loudly,juice filling machine, his big face was ferocious, his veins burst, and he was crazy. «Bu Qingyun, I’m going to kill you!» With these words, Xia Lizhong’s whole body flashed with strange red light, and then a blood sun rose slowly from behind him! The blood sun is dazzling, shining on this side of the earth, the vegetation is dried up in an instant, birds and animals are killed for the first time,water bottle packaging machine, the mountains and rivers are constantly broken, and the sky is constantly distorted. The power of this blood day is more powerful than the blood knife just now! Bu Qingyun big eyes stare big, presumably this move is the strongest blow of Xia Li at present! «It seems that I have to use that trick!» Bu Qingyun is very reluctant to use this knife, because after the display, his whole body will be unable to move, the consumption of True Qi, there are so many people around covetously, so their own situation is very dangerous! But if you don’t use it, you will be killed by this blood day. No matter how, all is the end of death, why not fight? Bu Qingyun, holding the magic cloud knife, closed his eyes, and then cut himself, only to see the clouds on the void shrouded away, as if he was using the power of heaven and earth, water filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, the collapsed mountains and rivers vegetation below were also pulled up by the long knife. At this moment, the long knife in front of everyone, very tall, seems to be able to cut the sky and break the earth, is terrible! The same is true of the blood day, which has risen to the top of Xia Lizhong’s head, and he is preparing to control it. Bu Qingyun has also finished waving, waiting for the arrival of the blood day. Walk quickly With a roar, the twin flowers quickly retreated for thousands of miles. The friars of the Royal Sky have withdrawn from more than one hundred thousand miles, but they can still feel the powerful power coming from there. Blood Day Destruction! Xia Lizhong finally roared out, and the blood sun above his head went away with a deafening roar. Bu Qingyun holds the magic cloud knife, at this moment, he is the knife, the knife is him! Man and knife in one! «The dragon fights in the wild!» A knife hit out, the dragon whistled, only to see, the tip of the knife, overflowing a golden dragon hundreds of feet long, soaring into the sky, toward the blood sun as big as a millstone. This move’Long Zhan Yu Ye ‘is the sixth move of «Kuanglan Dao Fa», which is the strongest blow of Buqingyun Fen Shen so far! Life and death are like this, here is a blow! «Boom!» The blood sun and the golden dragon collided with each other, and everyone felt a flash of red light and golden light in front of them, dazzling and unable to look directly at them. The loud noise made people’s eardrums crack, and even the Nirvana monks of the twin flowers could not help covering their ears and closing their eyes at the same time. Rumble.. The voice continued, and people did not know who would stand at the end, let alone what the void had become at this time. Roar! The sound of the dragon is constantly ringing through, and the sound of the blood day is also continuous. People can only judge by this voice now, who will stand in the end! But when the sound ended, it disappeared at the same time! They hurriedly opened their eyes, but in front of them was the alternation of golden and red light, which would not restore their eyesight for a while and a half. Who will win?! Chapter 537 the power of chess pieces. l1- [Five thousand words in one chapter. //Free eBook Download//.. Heaven and earth seem to be nothing but gold and red. After a long time, the deafening sound disappeared, and the double brilliance gradually receded. They opened their eyes and gazed at the top of Qiuyue Peak, trying to find out, but because of the alternation of gold and red, their eyesight had not recovered for a while and a half. The twin flowers with gauze on their faces suddenly felt that one of them was leaving and wanted to see who it was. They felt a burst of dazzling and quickly closed their eyes again. Bu Qingyun and Xia Li hit each other, the movement created seems to have calmed down, no longer the sound of the boom, but heaven and earth have not yet recovered. Ah At that moment, a sharp scream sounded. Brother-in-law! Bu Qingyun, you are too cruel! I even dug out my brother-in-law’s heart! All the people in the distance were shocked when they heard the sound. By this time, the glory had dispersed, and the people recovered their eyesight and were able to see the situation clearly. See, a bare-armed insolent man, hair disheveled, pants ragged, holding a magic cloud knife, standing proudly in the void, for a time people feel that his figure is very tall. Another man, bloodied all over, with a broken pike in his hand and dishevelled hair, was limping in the hands of a beautiful woman. Buqingyun won? They were surprised,bottle blowing machine, looking at the step of Qingyun figure only feel indomitable spirit in general, at this time also holding a long knife pointing obliquely that has been staring big eyes, Xing life in danger of Xia Li. Xia Lizhong’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what was happening. «You..». You … Why …”。